Things You May Not Know About The Battle Of Chancellorsville

Things You May Not Know About The Battle Of Chancellorsville

Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia is a story that is just too interesting to pass up for anyone who is interested in history. It involves the American civil war and one of the most important battles that took place during the war. One of the most interesting aspects of this book is that there were two children, one from each side that were involved in this incredible battle. Both boys ended up as winners in one of the most amazing Civil War battles.

The story was written by John Van de Mooine. He was an assistant photographer for the Union side and the commander of the fortifications at Chancellorsville. He was one of the few photographers that managed to photograph the actual live firefights taking place. This is a spectacular account and one that is well worth the read. The pictures are incredible and one will truly appreciate the scope of the photographs. This is a book that any person will enjoy reading.

It is narrated by Pvt. Henry Blount of the First Battery of the Twenty-Onest Florida Cavalry. He is one of the few Civil War veterans that actually saw action in the Civil War. One of the most interesting things that take place in this fascinating tome is that he does not think much of the fighting until he is given a postcard from his regiment. It is then that he realizes what he is actually doing during the war. Blount also tells of how he came to be a soldier and what his experiences were while he was there.

This is a very entertaining tome that will not only appeal to those who are history buffs but those that enjoy a good read. There are many side stories that are interesting and even the most avid readers will find themselves reading this to the end before the book is finished. If you have never heard of Col. Thomas Alexander, this is one book that you may want to add to your reading list.

The Battle of Chancellorsville is available on an e-reader in several different formats. If you have the opportunity, you should read it. You may be able to get some valuable insight into what really happened during this Civil War battle and how many troops were killed. The author did an excellent job of chronicling events while making it possible for us to picture the event as it occurred.

I recommend this to anyone who wants a solid history lesson with a little entertainment. Those who have a great deal of time on their hands and do not mind spending a little bit of it researching may find this a good quick read. Those who only have a short amount of time to read may have a hard time reading this one, as it is very brief. But if you are interested in the Civil War, history, or just enjoy being in the middle of the action, this one has everything. The story is exciting and the images are great. If you have never read about it before, I highly recommend this to you!

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